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The Gem of Far Western Nepal, ‘Purbichauki’


Purbichauki Rural Municipality, which is in the eastern part of Doti District, has lots of tourist attractions. Here, you can visit sacred sites like Jhigrana, Trivenidham, Ranadhunga, Mashtabandali, Sajendraeshwar, and Malika Temple. People believe that visiting these places can make their wishes come true.

The Government of Nepal merged the villages of Khirsain, Gairagaun, Gajari, Pokhari, Kaandamandu, and Sanagau, along with wards 1 to 7 of Bagalek, to form Purbichauki Rural Municipality on Chaitra 1, 2073 BS.

Purbichauki is home to different community such as Kshatriya, Bahun, Thakuri, Sanyasi, Jana Jati, and Dalit. Agriculture, animal husbandry, and foreign employment are the main livelihoods of the village.

In Ward No. 5 of Purbichauki, there is Malika Temple located in Batala Village of Kaandamandau. Malika Temple is Shaktipeetth with idols of Kalika, Mahalaxmi and Saraswati. Also, there is a continuously burning undying flame within the temple premises which represents the presence of divine power.

Similarly, in Ward. No. 6, there lies a big rock, formed in the shape of a cobra named Randhunga. It is renowned for its sacred significance with deity worship. Randhunga also has a beautiful pond called Muni Kudigada. There is a belief that deities descended into Randhunga by taking a bath in this pond.

Trivenidham is another religious asset in Purbichauki, where three rivers – Chinnegaad, Gandigaad, and Chholegaad meet. In Trivenidham, there is Shiva Mandir, Dharmashala (rest house for religious pilgrims), and Shamsan Ghat (Cremation ground). Trivenidham is a place that is rich in nature, culture, and spirituality. This village in Purbichauki Rural Municipality is attractive with its hilly terrain, rivers, forests, and farmlands.

The gateway to Khaptad, Jhingrana also lies in Purbichauki. Jhringana is a gate for the pilgrim who visits Khaptad. Ganga Dashara festival is celebrated every year in Khaptad. It is believed that anyone who attends the festival will get salvation.

Another religious asset in Purbichauki is Masthabandali, which is considered the playground of Lord Mahadev. In this temple, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are worshiped.

Similarly, in Ward No. 1 of Purbichauki, Sajghat, there is Sajendrashwor Temple. Inside this temple, there is Shivalinga.

Also, in Ward. No. 7, there is another religious asset, Jajlako Khaal (Khaal: Bank of the Lake) where Bhawani Kalika’s Temple is on the bank of the lake.

Purbichauki Rural Municipality is culturally and religiously rich. Villagers use the Dotyali language to communicate with each other inside the village. They have their costumes and live with their lifestyle of their own. All the villagers gather on festivals and auspicious occasions like Deuda, Hudkeli, Panchebaja, and Putala to perform traditional dances and songs for hours.

There are many such religious assets in Purbichauki Municipality. The peaceful and spiritually beautiful surroundings of Purbichauki make people feel happy and peaceful physically and mentally.

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